Abiding in Me

“Come into My open arms of love. Rest here with Me, with no thought of what you SHOULD be DOING. Simply rest in Me, rest in My love for you. This tender affection is a deep joy to Me as well as you. You can meet with Me like this throughout your busy day by simply turning your thoughts to Me. As you REST in Me, the continual tugging of life’s duties has less a hold of your heart, and anxieties will cease.

I did not create you to DO for Me–rather to BE with Me, in ever constant communion. Talk with Me continually, seeking MY approval, My opinion, My input. This is ABIDING in Me!! Abide with Me, My darling. I love to be with you. Your hands are My hands; as you touch, I touch. Your smile carries My smile, My affection. Give it to all, for I love all! Give value to all by showering them with My love.”

Soar With My Spirit

“My dear one, trust Me. I will never fail you. I will never leave you. Train yourself to listen for My whispers before you speak. You can do this and I will bless your results! I am in you and fill you. As unfathomable as that may seem to your mind, it is a truth, made possible by My Spirit. Such fullness drives out all doubt, all fear, all misgivings when it is drawn upon in faith. When you believe My Truth, you receive the full importation with no other intermediary necessary!

Soar with My Spirit! He will lift you on those eagle wings until you soar at great heights. How pinpoint small all the cares and affairs of this life become from the lofty heights soaring with My all-powerful Spirit! Great is My delight, and great is your delight as you trust Me this implicitly. I love you, dear daughter.”

Colossians 2:9,10 “For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; and you are complete in Him, Who is the head of all principality and power.”


Stream of My Love

“I love you so, My beloved one.  I love to pour out My love on the one yearning for Me, on the one whose hunger puts a draw on the rivers of living water (which is My love).  Think of My love as a stream of water flowing from My throne.  Water runs to the lowest places.  As you humble yourself before Me, seeking My face, My heart, My love, the stream of My love flows to the deepest places of your heart.



As My love stream flows, the trickle becomes a coursing torrent that rushes through the cavernous gullies of your heart, sweeping away debris, filling every low place.

The rising water of My love begins to produce a buoyancy, lifting you higher from every care and burden, from every hindrance that would keep you back from all that I have destined for you.

  So, you see, the secret to your success in fulfilling your calling and purpose is not in increasing your knowledge. Oh, no, My beloved.

The secret is to come to Me, sitting quietly before Me, waiting to hear My voice, and receiving deep into your being My love that washes over you, renewing you, transforming you in these quiet moments of love saturation. 

Your confidence in My absolute love for you gives you the buoyancy to sail the stormiest of seas in perfect peace.


Outside the boat may be dark clouds and gales of wind and torrential downpours, but inside the boat in the lower deck,

you repose in absolute calm and peace as though the seas above were tranquil glassy seas.


Receiving My love, believing My love for you, is that powerful!  It will transform you from a judging critical spirit, fearful of what others may be thinking of you–to a heart that is completely at peace, confident in your acceptance by your Father.

When My love invades all the lower places of your heart, you now are able to love others as I have loved you.  The lower places of criticism and judgment have been overtaken by img_3196My torrential love, buried…and out of the abundance of your heart you will now speak My love.  Can you see now that the way to heart change that you’ve been asking for is to simply sit before Me and receive My love.  This is how you are transformed.

Oh, My beloved, knowledge puffeth up but love COVERETH a multitude of sins!  You are FREE to let My love course through you–and then open your mouth and let the WELLSPRING OF LIFE bubble up from the abundant overflow and cover the multitude of sins in the one before you.

This secret is a deep mystery.  This love cannot be acquired by the mind. It is only received by the heart submersed in the river of My love.  Come often and sit before Me to be resaturated in My presence.  When you are dry, come refresh your well so that others may draw from the deep well of My love flowing on the inside of you.






The Depths of My Love

“I want you to know the depths of My love for you, so all-consuming that no darts or arrows from earth’s realms can pierce your heart at all, for My love has so completely

img_5430satisfied you that you need nothing else to make you happy and joyous. Then, come what may, nothing can ruffle you.

As you stay in constant communion with Me, seeking My heart for those around you, your focus is no longer on self but only on Me. Joy – – this is it, My beloved!

Stay with Me in all your thoughts… I will guide you continually with My eye and My hand upon you. You are precious to Me and give Me such joy! Step, step, step with Me!”

Trust Me Everlastingly 

The past few entries are from my 2011 journal and in rereading it, I see a theme…The constant love and affection of my Father.

“I am ever with you, My beloved. When you feel there is distance between us, it is not that I have moved. I do not look on the ups and downs of your successes and failures as you do. I see you constant – – looking for the heart to stay in continual constant communion with Me.  In that place, there is no fluctuation, regardless of what outward circumstances may be pulsing. I love you everlastingly…it will never end. Trust Me everlastingly.” ❤️

I am Your Sharer of Life

“Beloved one, yes, you laid aside your journal for a while but we were not far apart.  I have been right beside you each day; I’ve felt all that has anguished your heart because My heart was anguished, too. I share in all your joys and sorrows. I am your  all-encompassing sharer of life. I am here to bring you the love you are seeking from earthly vessels that are unable to give what you seek. Find that love in Me, My delightful one, for I have abundance of love and joy and laughter to share with you. All you can ever need or desire I have to give you. Do I mind your asking? No! I wait for you to ask. Ask and it shall be given, seek you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. Don’t fear to ask, seek, or knock! The abundance is on the other side of you doing this…much.  Ask. Seek. Knock.”


No Distance Between


“Oh, My daughter, My love for you is constant. 

Your failures do not affect My love for you, neither does it place distance between us when you’ve failed to keep your mind stayed on Me.

Heed not the troubling thoughts meant to deter you from My constant abiding Presence.

I joy in you and you can joy in Me–always.

I love you!”

“You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.”
‭‭PSALM‬ ‭16:11‬ ‭AMP‬‬

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Finding Peace, Comfort, & Hope in Jesus


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