Did you ever make a decision in life that brought changes that you never dreamed would happen? …painful changes, changes that keep you awake at night agonizing over your past mistakes? …changes that move you to tears at the memory of what was left behind, what is now out of your grasp, and you feel there’s nothing left to live for?  I have.  And I have found the ONLY way to peace…it is found in Jesus Christ.  I pray you find fresh hope and the peace that comes from knowing Jesus as your Lord, Savior, Friend, Comforter, Lover of your soul!  I hope what I am learning in my pain will make your heart long for this Jesus, Who loves you so intensely that He gave His life and took the penalty for your sin so that you would never have to…if you would come to Him and receive His gift of salvation.  He makes every day worth living, as we can be in His Presence every day…He’s never far away, and He’s just waiting for you to call His Name…  “Jesus!”

Love and blessings,

Julie S.


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Finding Peace, Comfort, & Hope in Jesus


Finding Peace, Comfort, & Hope in Jesus


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