I am Your Sharer of Life

“Beloved one, yes, you laid aside your journal for a while but we were not far apart.  I have been right beside you each day; I’ve felt all that has anguished your heart because My heart was anguished, too. I share in all your joys and sorrows. I am your  all-encompassing sharer of life. I am here to bring you the love you are seeking from earthly vessels that are unable to give what you seek. Find that love in Me, My delightful one, for I have abundance of love and joy and laughter to share with you. All you can ever need or desire I have to give you. Do I mind your asking? No! I wait for you to ask. Ask and it shall be given, seek you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. Don’t fear to ask, seek, or knock! The abundance is on the other side of you doing this…much.  Ask. Seek. Knock.”


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Finding Peace, Comfort, & Hope in Jesus


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