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Never Doubting


“Move forward, not according to My directions for others, but according to My Word for you. But in order to receive that word, you must be diligent, faithfully so, to seek Me and My direction for you. I will show you all things but only as you come aside to hear from Me.


You are the apple of My eye. I cherish you and value you and see your potential, so never doubt. Trust. Believe. Have faith – deep faith, never doubting.

            Don’t listen more readily to the words of doubt than you do to My Word to you. The master deceiver will fight to keep My Truth from you. You must put on your armor daily and fight the fight of FAITH…never doubting that you will succeed, never doubting My ability and readiness to meet your every need.

Love. Love those who have hurt you. Don’t remember the hurt. Leave those burdens with Me. All the past is Mine to carry. Yours is only to carry the cares of today—but you do not carry them alone. I so long to be your all in all. Don’t refuse me that privilege. “Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.” It is my command to you.

Each hurting soul that I bring to you is your assignment from Me. Not always to “say” — often just to Love. Love as I love. See the soul, not the surface. Never judge. That is for Me alone. Your duty is simply to love and to lead. Lead the sheep to me, their Shepherd; to bind their wounds is My task; you just lead them to Me. You can lead by a smile; give them My smile.

All love and joy and peace are Mine to give. As I give to you, in return give to others. Never doubt the simplicity; simply obey as I lead.

Gateways of Freedom


“I love you and you delight My heart. I have seen and I have heard your desires and petitions of your heart.

Each care that you have rolled on Me will be tenderly held and cared for.

Your trust in My faithfulness to respond to you opens

  • gateways of freedom,
  • gateways to joy,
  • gateways to service for Me

that flows from a deep-seated trust in My unfailing love and in My ear bent towards your every whisper.

Each time you whisper, “I love you,” I hear it echo through the heavens. Think not that your weak love is despised. Not so! It is a most glorious delight to Me.

As you grow in not being ruled by your feelings, your doubts and misgivings will subside! So much of doubt stems from feelings.

Remember that feelings of inadequacy, feelings of unworthiness, feelings of shame and eyes focused on self all squelch faith.

How much boldness a lion has and you can have the same boldness of spirit as you yield every care unto Me,  and continually live in My love and reliance upon My faithfulness.

Did Moses have any prior experience to give him expectant confidence in his own ability to part the Red Sea? No! But he did have reason to have confidence in Me, that I would respond as I had promised?!

So, too, have you the same opportunity for trust in Me and confident expectation to see seas parted and the never-before-seen results follow!

Go forward in faith, My beloved! Go forth, trusting Me,  your Father Who loves you with an everlasting love.”

In Quietness & Confidence

“In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Look to Me at all times, even when you feel sure of yourself. I will guide you step-by-step.

As you keep your hand in Mine, your confidence in My present guidance will soar, and together We shall move, step-by-step.”

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Finding Peace, Comfort, & Hope in Jesus


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