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Rest in My Presence

Rest in My Presence

May 10, 2003

You will not always hear something specific from Me. 100APPLE_IMG_0235Sometimes allow yourself the balm of simply resting in My presence, delighting in My nearness, breathing in deeply the sweet savor of My everlasting love for you. Rest. Secure. Never worried or troubled. Lo, I am with you always. Believe My Word to you, and never falter.

I delight in your desire to know Me, and I long to reveal Myself to you. It will not require you doing, simply rest in My presence, unhindered by life’s duties. You can rest in My presence in the midst of your duties. Keep your mind stayed on Me, for it is there that you shall be changed. Now go forward and serve and be blessed—it is My gift to you. I love you. You are the very apple of My eye.

Look to Me Alone for Affirmation


Look to Me. Look to Me alone. Look to Me alone for affirmation and acceptance and love and fulfillment. I have created you. My thoughts and plans for you far exceed what any person could have for you. I have a destiny for you, and if you forsake all (forsake the pursuit of finding affirmation and acceptance with others) and follow Me alone, you will find peace and satisfaction in My will for you. You need not look to family or friends for affirmation. I love YOU. I have created you with your own distinct and unique personality, features, skills, giftings. You are a multi-faceted jewel of My design.  


Look to Me, your Maker, for I alone know the plans I have for your life. Joy and fellowship sweet we will share as you walk hand in hand with Me, trusting Me that I will not lead you along a path with pitfalls unavoidable. No, rather, I will shed light for each step when the way is dark and hard to be seen. As we walk hand in hand, your heart is at rest with a peace and joy and serenity nothing else can give you. The key to this peaceful walk is your hand in Mine—always in contact with Me, walking in sync, sharing thoughts as a continual conversation. Practice walking with Me, envisioning our hands grasped in love and joy. This is the way of escape from temptations and pitfalls. Stay in this place of abiding, this place of nurturing your spirit, this place where continual peace and joy is not only possible but is perfectly experienced. My love surrounds you and fills you as you abide in Me. What joy we share, for your presence gives Me joy in return!

You Are Not Behind


“I want you to seek Me just to know Me and to love Me.  Not to do or to be – just to know Me and fellowship with Me, for it’s in My presence that you will be changed.IMG_0213

No longer compare yourself to others.  I have made you for a distinct purpose.  I have a glorious plan for your life but you must trust Me to bring it to pass in My Own time. I am never late, so you are not behind.  In the fullness of time My perfect will for your life will be accomplished.  Just be patient and start focusing on quiet intimate fellowship with Me.  Lay all your worries aside.  Come rest by the cool, clear waters, in the green pastures where I want to lead you.”

Rest and Abiding


4:20 a.m

“I will speak to the one who waits longingly and lovingly,

with her head upon My breast,

listening, waiting, satisfied to hear nothing but the breath

of the Savior she loves and adores. 

Sing your love songs to Me, in My presence;

it is beautiful to My heart. 

It is this quiet waiting, communion,

that is the place I long to meet with you. 

Seek Me often;

I am never too busy for you.

When the busyness of your day is overwhelming,

slip away to rest at My side,

 and draw from the quiet balm of Gilead. 

My peace. 

My peace will surround you. 

My peace will sooth your harried spirit. 


And then return to your work, resting. 


Abiding in Me, Your Vine, from which flows your Life source.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Rest in the Storm

A precious word of encouragement from the Lord to me this morning (7/21/14)…sharing a portion of it for someone else who also needs it!

On way to church“The joy of our fellowship is as much a joy to Me, My dear one. You delight My heart with your earnest desire for Me. So often you’ve looked at your own performance as the measuring stick of your worthiness…that is not My way. I see you clothed in the righteous robes of My Son, Jesus, and being clothed like Him, you bear His resemblance…..Keep your gaze upon Me always. Peter sank beneath the waves when he looked away from My gaze. To look at the storm is never necessary–keep your gaze locked on Me in complete trust and certainty of My care for you. I will never let the waves overtake you. You and I shall sail the calmest seas through the winds may be howling around you. You are safe here in the shelter of My wings, where no evil or trouble can touch you. And as the storm crashes, you can lie down in perfect rest and sleep, for no worried thought can capture the mind set on Me.”

Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid…”

Psalm 91:1 (I call this God’s 9-1-1) “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty, Whose power no foe can withstand.” (Amplified Bible)

Hearing from God


I was feeling sorrowful for falling asleep when I get up to spend time with God. “Father, I long to hear from You. Would You please speak to me, my Abba Father.”

I’m so glad you have come, dear one. I’ve seen your struggle. You must remember that My speaking to you is not given as a reward for your performing a certain way at a certain time for a specified period of time. I come to the one who calls on Me, who calls believing and is ready in faith to receive from Me. Every minute in your day could be a lifting for you if you would but bring Me into it. Call Me on the scene by faith and believe that I have come whether or not your senses give you any positive indication of My Presence. Remember that I am Spirit and they that worship Me must worship Me in spirit and in Truth. My Word is Truth. To pray My Word is to pray Truth. Now arise and go forth and be empowered by My Word. The Word which I have spoken—it is life. Neglect not My Word. It is vital to your spiritual growth. Soak it up. Marinate in it. Wash your mind with the Word. Get into My Word. Plant it deeply within your heart. I am preparing you.

Struggling with the early morning

Dependence on God Alone

“Precious Father, I don’t know why it’s become such a struggle to get up early to have the quiet morning time with You. I’m so sorry—I don’t want to be slacking in my time with You, dear Father. Please help me find moments I can spend with You during the day if I’ve missed the early morning hours.”

My precious daughter, Remember that My acceptance of you is not based on your performance but on My love. And My love will never wear out. I love you as much when you sleep in as I do when you get up early. Don’t base your security on your performance—on what you do. Seek Me with your whole heart—in everything seek My will, My thoughts. Talk every decision over with Me; I will guide you moment by moment through your day, and our communion will become your life. I am there as you breathe in and breathe out—breathe in My presence. Talk with Me. Let your mind be stayed on Me. I AM love. As you are in constant communion with Me, My love will pour forth from you. My Power will enable you to resist the flesh and overcome the enemy.   Keep your eyes on Me, your dependence on Me alone. Your growth doesn’t hinge on how many mornings you get up early—it hinges on how much of your heart is totally dependent on Me. Think of Me as your oxygen. You need Me for each breath to be successful and fulfilling. THAT is how closely I want you to depend on Me, My love.


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